Witness Says Cipriano, Young Planned to Murder 'A Family' Weeks in Advance

Ian Zinderman, 20, testified with the promise of immunity in today's preliminary examination at the 47th District Court.

Attorneys for Tucker Cipriano, 19, and Mitchell Young, 20, today hammered at the testimony of a man who said he was with the two as they plotted to murder Cipriano's family 

The preliminary examination for the two men charged with in the April 16 death of Tucker's father  and assaults on his mother, , went on for more than two hours Wednesday, before being adjourned to 9:30 a.m. on June 8. 

Ian Thomas Zinderman, 20, appearing in a packed 47th District courtroom under an immunity agreement with the Oakland County prosecutor's office, testified that Young and Tucker Cipriano were planning two weeks earlier to kill "a family" in order to get what Tucker told him would be about $3,000.

Zinderman, who said he has known Tucker since 5th or 6th grade and Young for two or three weeks, testified that both smoked K-2 or "Spice", but that he didn't like the drug. He said he helped Tucker break into the Cipriano home twice on the night of April 15, to get money to buy Spice, which is a form of synthetic marijuana. 

Young drove them around in a blue pick-up truck, Zinderman said. After the first break-in, Tucker came out with a bank card that he and Young used to purchase Spice at a gas station in Farmington Hills, Zinderman said. After the second break-in, Tucker came out of the house with a Visa gift card. 

The youths then traveled to Keego Harbor, where they met with friends, and that's when Cipriano and Young decided to kill Cipriano's family, Zinderman said. He testified that he spent the night at a home in Keego Harbor, and that Tucker was at the home the next morning, wearing a blood-stained shirt. 

Young's attorney Michael McCarthy pointed at the immunity agreement, which prevents anything Zinderman says from being used against him in court, as the reason for his testimony. But Zinderman said he was testifying "because it's the right thing to do." 

Tucker Cipriano's attorney Mitchell Ribitwer identified inconsistencies in Zinderman's testimony, which Zinderman said were the result of feeling intimidated by one of the detectives who interviewed him. 

Ribitwer pointed out that Zinderman initially told police he had agreed to be the "getaway driver" when Cipriano and Young killed the Cipriano family, in return for a share of what they hoped to take from the home. Zinderman said under oath that he backed away from the plot when it became clear the two were going through with it.

"I said if they want to f--- up their life, they could do it on their own," he said. 

Next: Farmington Hills Police Officer Michael Meister testifies about what he found when he entered the Cipriano home. 

Dan Cheney May 24, 2012 at 03:16 AM
Its amazing that everyone is commenting on the use of k2 and not the fact that there was some deep psychological issues within both of these kids. America has gotten used to blaming other things instead of the people responsible for the actions.
Joni Hubred-Golden May 24, 2012 at 03:59 AM
Stacy Jenkins at the Farmington Observer did a great story about what's going on at the local level: http://www.hometownlife.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=2012205060412
Eleanor Sue Wilkinson May 24, 2012 at 11:42 AM
While I wouldn't want my child to take Spice and K2, I suspect there are lots of teens who do, yet they don't commit such horrific crimes--this is a brutal crime that shows that the two young men have no remorse--and I think the woman who let the kids live with her for a while needs to think about how she might have influenced this particular tragedy.
Eileen Scheier May 26, 2012 at 09:09 PM
Eleanor, Tucker is very remorseful for what he did. He cries all the time, especially to what happened to his father which he did not do nor did he hurt his mother. He loved his father very much which he has told me on numerous occasions and is written on his FB which his father has written back to him that he loved his also. So to say that he is not remorseful because of a picture you see is quite judgemental on your part when you don't even know Tucker. So don't comment on things you know nothing about. This never would have happened if Tucker wasn't on Spice and I believe that with every being in my body. Since you don't know the lady he lived with either, I wouldn't make judgement on her either. You know what, why don't you just not talk about things you know nothing about, it just makes you look bad altogether. I could say a lot of things about you, but I don't know you so I won't!
R May 30, 2012 at 10:36 AM
You have beings in your body?


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