City of Farmington Hills Honors Public Works Employees May 19 - 25

National Public Works Week calls attention to basic services provided by public workers.

Farmington Hills residents enjoy a high quality of life, thanks in large part to the public workers who make the city run smoothly every day.  

During the week of May 19, the City of Farmington Hills is honoring those employees who are vital to the efficient operation of Public Works systems such as the water supply, sanitary sewers, roadways, public buildings and properties, signage, traffic control, solid waste collection, and recycling.

Instituted in 1960 as a public education campaign by the American Public Works Association, National Public Works Week is designed to call attention to the importance of Public Works in the daily lives of present and future generations.

“National Public Works Week gives the citizens of Farmington Hills a reminder to appreciate the excellent public services we have here in our City,” said Mayor Barry Brickner. “Our comfort depends upon the hard work of the dedicated professionals in the Public Services Department.”

Source: City of Farmington Hills press release


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