Drakeshire Plaza Renovations 60-65 Percent Complete

Farmington officials approve a change order for the project, which needs some warmer weather to get moving again.

Renovations at Drakeshire Plaza, a privately owned shopping center that received assistance from the City of Farmington, are nearly two-thirds complete, city manager Vince Pastue told officials Monday. 

City officials in October of 2012 narrowly approved an agreement with DIC Properties LLC to fund improvements on what has been a blighted and mostly vacant center. The DIC Properties is obligated to pay back the funds through an assessment. 

During a Monday special study session, city council members approved a second construction estimate for the $335,600 contract with Richard Hyman Builders. It included a $2,980 change order; officials approved another $2,880 change order in December.

"There's a little more rotted area than anticipated," Pastue said, referring to structural damage that he said was not entirely unexpected. 

Pastue said the project is 60 to 65 percent complete. A material being used on the exterior needs steady temperatures of over 40 degrees in order to cure, so workers may make additional progress is there is a warm stretch of weather in January. 


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