Dwyer to See Third County Commission Term

The former Farmington Hills Police chief represents Farmington and portions of Farmington Hills.

Oakland County commissioner Bill Dwyer will seek a third term. Photo credit: Dwyer for Commissioner campaign
Oakland County commissioner Bill Dwyer will seek a third term. Photo credit: Dwyer for Commissioner campaign

Oakland County Commissioner Bill Dwyer, who represents Farmington and portions of Farmington Hills, will seek a third term representing the 14th District. 

Dwyer will run for re-election Nov. 4. 

The former Farmington Hills police chief put his experience in law enforcement to work as chairman of the Public Services Committee for the Oakland County Board of Commissioners, providing oversight of the many law enforcement functions of county government.

“Every day we pick up the newspaper or watch television and hear about people at all levels of government who cannot seem to work together, cannot work through the problems that the public need them to," Dwyer said in a press release. "This is why I want to keep serving. I know the public needs and deserves better than that. That is what I have tried to do in my service as their Commissioner – get results, working in a bi-partisan, cooperative way.”

Dwyer led a bi-partisan effort that included experts from federal, state and local levels to examine the threat of gun violence in Oakland County. The committee’s report, adopted unanimously by the Board of Commissioners, is generating specific policy initiatives and public awareness campaigns.

Dwyer is also a member of the Planning and Building Committee and has maintained a 100 percent attendance record for both Board of Commissioners and committee meetings during this term, according to the release.

“We are the envy of our neighbors, with a balanced budget and AAA bond rating that saves the taxpayers millions each year," he said. "While other governments are drastically cutting back needed services and laying off employees, we are able to provide the same quality services the public expects with sound fiscal management.”

Dwyer said he plans a "grassroots campaign". "I work on what matters most, which is getting results. When you consider the tough times for our region and community, mixed with divisive partisan politics, this skill is needed now more than ever," he said.


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