Farmington, Hills, School Board Candidates Profiled

Find links to all of our candidate profiles in one location.

With more than 20 candidates running for local council and school board seats, we thought it might be a good idea to put all of our candidate profiles together in one, neat file.

Eight candidates are running for three Farmington city council seats. The top two vote-getters will win 4-year terms; the third will serve a 2-year term. Candidates are:

  • (incumbent)

In Farmington Hills, current council member , whose term expires this year, is the only person to file for a 2-year term as mayor.

Seven candidates will seek one of the three, 4-year city council terms:

  • (incumbent)
  • (incumbent)

A total of eight candidates have filed for three seats on the Farmington School Board. Seeking one of the two 6-year terms are:

  • (incumbent)
  • (incumbent)

Vying for a single 4-year term are and .

Only one person, , filed for the partial term vacated by board member Gary Sharp.


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