Farmington Officials Approve Noise Ordinance

The ordinance addresses concerns from Farmington Glen Aquatic Club and residents in neighboring Pinewood Condominiums.

council members on Monday gave final approval to a noise ordinance, after issues between a local swim club and neighboring condominimum complex were resolved.

City manager Vince Pastue said a meeting between residents of Pinewood Condominiums and resulted in changes to the proposed city ordinance, which was introduced July 16. He pointed out then that the routine ordinance update was not tied to complaints lodged by Pinewood residents over noise levels during Farmington Glen swim meets.

Pastue said Monday that all the parties agreed on a 4-hour limit on amplified sound, as well as a prohibition on the use of amplifiers between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m., which was added to the final ordinance.

In addition, the club has agreed to make some changes in the way it uses its sound system.

"There has been a good faith effort on the part of Farmington Glen to direct (amplifiers) away from the neighbors," Pastue said. 

Representing Farmington Glen, Gail Lederer said the club appreciates the revised noise ordinance.

"It will help the club continue to be a good neighbor," she said. 

Other changes to the proposed ordinance included an exemption for unamplified sounds at sporting events or those generated by public speaking on any public right-of-way or public property. Also, motorists are prohibited from using sound equipment that produces noise that can be detected 50 feet or more away, either by sound or vibration. 


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