Kerry Bentivolio to Assume Congressional Office Today

The new Congressman, who represents Farmington, is among the members of the 113th Congress being sworn in today in Washington, D.C.

Congressman-elect Kerry Bentivolio (R-Milford) will assume office today, beginning a two-year term representing Michigan's newly realigned 11th Congressional District, which includes the City of Farmington. 

Bentivolio is among 84 freshmen representatives taking part in today's swearing-in ceremonies. 

Bentivolio, who defeated Syed Taj (D-Canton) in the Nov. 6 election, will succeed U.S. Rep. David Curson (D-Belleville), who won a special election on Nov. 6 to fill the remaining weeks of former U.S. Rep. Thaddeus McCotter's (R-Livonia) term.

McCotter resigned his office in July amid a petition-fraud scandal and leak of a television script to Detroit media.

According to C-SPAN, the House of Representatives will open the 113th Congress today with elections for House Speaker, followed by the swearing of members. 

The House Speaker will be sworn in by the Dean of the House before administering the oath of office to the House, C-SPAN reported.

The new makeup of House of Representatives includes 234 Republicans and 200 Democrats. Jesse Jackson Jr.'s (D-IL) seat remains vacant until an April 9 special election, C-SPAN reported.

art January 03, 2013 at 03:53 PM
I look forward to Mr. Bentivolio service as a Michigan representative. I hope and believe that he wil not be the usual lap dog for the party in power as our current and previous representatives are and have been.


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