Oakland County Board Honors Outgoing Commissioner Nash

The Farmington Hills resident moves off the board on Dec. 31 and into his new post as the county's Water Resources Commissioner.

The Oakland County Board of Commissioners on Thursday honored officials whose terms of office will end on Dec. 31, including Jim Nash, (D-Farmington Hills).

Nash won election to the Board of Commissioners in 2004 and has served as Minority Vice Chair of the Oakland County Board of Commissioners’ Planning and Building Committee. He is a member of the Board’s General Government Committee and was a former member of the Human Resources Committee.

During his tenure on the Board of Commissioners, Nash served as a member of the Oakland County Zoning Coordinating Subcommittee and was a SEMCOG (Southeast Michigan Council of Governments) Delegate.

Commissioner Nash introduced Green Building and Sustainability to the County Commission. His efforts led to the establishment of www.oakgov.com/oakgreen and he proposed and passed resolutions encouraging green building policies and projects, and regional cooperation for sustainability. He worked with SEMCOG and other regional entities to support sustainable policies. 

Nash served for five years on the National Association of Counties’ Green Governments Committee, and presented a session on Oakland County’s Green Infrastructure programs to a national audience of county officials.  He was instrumental in passing a resolution supporting the Great Lakes Compact and organized six Green Building Workshops at the Board Auditorium, bringing together experts on sustainability with local community leaders, business people and citizens, to help them understand the issues and their benefits.

In August 2012, Nash and Commissioner Craig Covey organized a Fracking Town Hall that attracted 120 concerned citizens. They discussed the issues around fracking and the potential impact it could have on our drinking and recreational waters and how that can affect our economic health.

Nash worked with community mental health, Community and Home Improvement, Planning and Economic Services, and facilities departments on important issues facing Oakland County. He 

Having served in Vietnam, Nash worked with Veterans Services agencies at all levels of government, the Oakland County Human Services Collaborative Council, Community Mental Health and many county agencies and core service providers to create the Fort Michigan Ad-Hoc Veterans Committee. The committee worked to better understand the needs of Oakland County veterans, how to meet those needs and proposed creation of the Oakland County Veterans Services Advisory Council to better organize veteran services.

Nash won election to the post of Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner in November. 

Source: Oakland County press release


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