Rock, Andrade, Higgins to Lead Farmington DDA Board

The Downtown Development Authority elected its 2012-2013 leaders Monday.

Bob Rock, owner of , will serve another term as president of the (DDA) board.

DDA members Rock, vice president Melissa Andrade, owner of Silver Tree Yoga, and secretary Dan Higgins, owner of Visibles Marketing, were elected at the board's annual meeting, held Monday.

“I appreciate the continued support and confidence of the DDA board and I will work hard, making our downtown a better place," Rock said.

He named economic development and supporting merchants as "a high priority" for the board. "Our events will attract thousands of visitors to the downtown and our merchants will see continued success,” added Rock, whose is entering his third year as president.

The opportunity to carry on recent DDA successes led Andrade to consider accepting the vice-presidency, a position which assumes the responsibilities in absence of the president. She steps up after completing her first year of service as a board member.

Andrade lauded the efforts of the DDA, past and present.

“Today, I walked downtown to look at the DIA’s Inside|Out exhibit. These are all the results of the hard work, passion and dedication of the DDA," she said. "I am honored to serve on a board that moves our community forward in such a positive way.”

Higgins, who returns as secretary, said the DDA is important to the vitality of the community, and "it’s important for me as a business owner to step forward and work to help other businesses succeed.”

Rock, Andrade and Higgins’ year-long leadership positions became effective following the completion of the election.


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