Ron Paul Urges Voters to Support Kerry Bentivolio in Latest Endorsement

Despite being snubbed by local big time Republicans, Kerry Bentivolio (R-Milford) has picked up two national endorsements for his 11th Congressional campaign.

Kerry Bentivolio (R-Milford), the only 11th Congressional District Republican on the Aug. 7 primary ballot, picked up two big endorsements this week - from Texas Congressman Ron Paul, and from Ron's son Rand Paul, U.S. Senator from Kentucky.

Bentivolio made the announcement on his campaign's Facebook page.

"I’m endorsing Kerry Bentivolio because he’ll help lead the fight in the U.S. House to restore individual liberty, free markets, sound money, and constitutional government in America," Ron Paul said in his endorsement.

Ron Paul also urged his Republican supporters to make donations to Bentivolio's campaign to help him, "fight back against the political establishment."

Rand Paul announced his endorsement of Bentivolio on Thursday.

"We need conservative leaders who truly want to change the way business is done in Washington. That’s the kind of person Kerry Bentivolio is. He’s already promised to propose an amendment to the Constitution that bans the Obamacare tax mandate as his first action in Congress," he said.

Rand Paul also took a shot at Bentivolio's write-in opponent Nancy Cassis, calling her a job-killer: "We can send a message to the Republican establishment by sending a small government conservative to the House of Representatives like Kerry Bentivolio rather than their handpicked candidate."

In addition to running in the Aug. 7 primary for the new 11th Congressional, which includes Farmington, Bentivolio, a Milford resident, wants to serve out the term left by Thaddeus McCotter, . Bentivolio will participate in the in September to temporarily fill McCotter's 11th District seat until January 2013. He will be running against four other Republicans: Steve King, Kenneth Crider, Nancy Cassis and Carolyn Cavanagh. There is one Democrat running: David Curson.

Farmington voters will not participate in that election. 

Bentivolio will also face off against Cassis in August, because she is running as a . The winner of the primary will move on to the November general election against the winner of the Democratic primary, which will either be or of Canton.

james p. ----- July 27, 2012 at 11:52 PM
I like Ron Paul but he is wrong on supporting Bentivolio. My wife and I talked with him for awhile at a tea party event in Belleville Mi. this month and found out that he is a libaterian not a Republican. He is in favor of many things that conservatives would not find acceptable. We did not have any problems with his temperment and he was personalbe enough but his views are way out there.


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