Streetscape Proposed on Warner; Farmington Road Possible in 2014

Two proposed construction projects will extend the existing streetscape theme to new areas of downtown Farmington.

A street improvement on Warner from Grand River to Thomas and a stretch of Farmington Road in downtown Farmington may get the "streetscape" treatment.

Farmington officials say both projects would add on-street parking spots and would continue the themed elements of the existing Grand River streetscape. However, the Farmington Road project hinges on the winning of a federal transportation grant. 

During Monday's city council study session, Farmington Downtown Development Authority (DDA) director Annette Knowles told officials that while there aren't any guarantees, "we are positioned as well as we can be" to win the $713,000 grant. The total cost for the project will be $1.263 million. 

Knowles reviewed the proposal, which will close curb cuts south of Hershey's Ice Cream and CVS. The street will be narrowed, with an island that will make it easier for pedestrians to cross. Improving walkability is one of the project's goals, she said. 

The southeast corner of Farmington and Grand River, which is currently difficult for trucks to navigate, will become less sharp, and sidewalk in front of Page's Food & Spirits on the west side of the street may be widened, allowing for outdoor dining. Officials will be asked to approve a resolution in support of the grant application at their Oct. 15 meeting. 

The Warner St. project is smaller and part of the city's programmed construction schedule, city manager Vince Pastue said. The street has only 40 feet of right-of-way, which he said will be a challenge. The city would look to strike an agreement with First United Methodist Church to create the "bump out" parking spaces on the east side of the street.

Knowles said the city could also use 10 feet of the recently acquired Dimitris property on the west side, but that would cut into the number of parking spaces in that parking lot, which is now public. 

Pastue said the Warner project would aim to remove obstacles for pedestrians and improve the crosswalk at Warner and Thomas streets. He expects the additional cost will be "a few hundred thousand dollars". 

He said parking will also be added on Oakland Street between the Masonic Hall and Grand River, which will be under construction next year. Grove Street, in front of the T.J. Maxx/Dress Barn strip mall building, is also on the 2014 construction schedule. 

Duddly October 08, 2012 at 08:43 AM
Spend spend spend!
Duddly October 08, 2012 at 08:44 AM
What a waste.........................
Steve October 08, 2012 at 02:46 PM
Are you kidding me? What do you people want? Your unhappy when the city spends money and your unhappy when the city has no business in the open buildings. There is no winning. The downtown shopping area is severely outdated. All of these street scape updates are a step in the right direction. You need to update the area to get business interested in moving downtown. Or maybe your one of those who also complains when there are to many people downtown.... either way this city need to get rid of this old way of though or it will never prosper.....


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