Farmington Hills 'Mortgage Mom' Sees Positive Real Estate Trends

Kelly Belcher started processing loans when she was in high school; now, it's her full-time career.

Farmington Hills resident Kelly Belcher writes loans for a living and says more of her clients are moving on up. 

"I see a lot of people selling their homes, seeing a profit and upgrading," said Belcher, who blogs at michiganmortgagemom.com. "My husband and I bought a house four years ago when the market was down, and we have equity now."

Working out of the Key Mortgage office in Plymouth and from her home, Belcher made an early decision to pursue a career in real estate. "Early", as in high school.

"I started working as a processor after school," the Ladywood High graduate said. "I bought an investment property when I was 19 ... I'm very into real estate. I like redoing houses, that's where it all started."

It was an interesting choice, considering all of the Livonia native's family members are engineers. 

Belcher particularly enjoys helping first-time home buyers. Through her blog, she hopes to provide information about home financing, from what lenders require to how to calculate debt to income ratios and what different types of mortgage products are available.

Interest rates are still "really low", she said, and as a mortgage broker, "I can offer the ability to shop vendors." She has also worked on refinanced loans, including one that saved a friend $150 a month. That money can be used to pay down student loans and other debt.

"Every little bit helps," Belcher said. 

Kelly and her husband, Mike, have two children, Addison, a kindergarten student and Andrew, a preschooler. 


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