Looking for a Real Estate Deal? Check Out Farmington Area Foreclosed Homes

These properties are listed with Aol Real Estate.

We're partnering with Aol Real Estate to bring you information about properties for sale in Farmington and Farmington Hills, and today, we're focused on homes in foreclosure. 

If you're interested in making this kind of investment, take a look at the photos above, then follow the links below to learn more about some of the properties currently listed:

15 years ago I bought my home in Farmington Hills for $600,000. Put another $500,000 into it bringing the total investment = $1,100,000. I fought the property tax man downstairs in Farmington Hills City Hall basement for years and despite bringing in THREE appraisals showing the house valued at $525,000 - he never lowered the value until many years later. Well folks - I ain't no quitter, BUT I DO KNOW WHEN TO QUIT. Farmington Hills is not the town it used to be and I will NOT pay the king's taxes for the privilege to live in a town that is now nothing more that a Detroit annex. Rundown shopping. Long time restaurants closing up. Main Street closing the doors because it just ain't worth the effort to earn a lousy $250,000 a year and be vilified by Obama as some filthy rich who is witholding your "fair share". Let me take this moment to explain that a Main Street business owner who earns $250,000 per year or LESS is nothing more than TWO MISSED PAYDAYS from bankruptcy. Blizzard? Another 911 event??? Yep. We're gone... and so goes the community. Oh and as for my really nice $1,100,000 home in Farmington Hills??? Step up and buy that place for 10 cents on the dollar - but be prepared to go broke paying the property taxes to keep the king's palace looking good at 11 Mile and Orchard Lake Road. Thank you - and I wish all the good little drones the best of luck in Farmington Hills.


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