East Middle School Workshops Help Students Make Better Choices

The Farmington Hills school's 9th annual May Day: A Call for Help includes information on addiction, relationship violence, nutrition and health, and money management.

East Middle School students will hear information to help them make better choices during the 9th annual “May Day: A Call for Help”, held during the school day on May 31. 

Presented by Farmington Hills school's Student Assistance Team, the event is designed to help adolescents during a critical time, when poorly informed decisions have lifelong consequences.

In a promotional letter, organizers wrote, "Our hope is that by educating our students before they make difficult decisions and by giving them tools to seek help for themselves and/or friends, we will aid in breaking the silence about violence, drugs and alcohol." 

All 8th graders will choose to attend five of the 22 workshops offered, with topics like these:

  • Farmington Hills police officers talking about laws regarding teens and alcohol and drinking and driving

  • A representative from HAVEN will talk to the students about domestic and relationship violence

  • A licensed psychologist will talk to the students about risky behaviors

  • Two Michigan State police officers will discuss computer crimes

  • Farmington Martial Arts will teach the students self defense moves

  • LOC Federal Credit Union presenting on Teen Money Management

  • An EMT will discuss being a responsible friend, “drop-and-run” and intoxicant emergencies for teens

Source: East Middle School press release


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