Farmington Public Schools sees gains in Michigan Merit Exam, ACT scores

High school juniors' largest gains on the Michigan Merit Exam was in social studies.

Farmington Public Schools got mostly good news on test scores. (Patch file photo)
Farmington Public Schools got mostly good news on test scores. (Patch file photo)
A news release:

On Monday, July 7, the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) released Michigan
Merit Exam (MME) and ACT scores for the graduating class of 2015.

Farmington Public Schools also saw gains for students’ percent proficient on the Michigan Merit Exam in the areas of mathematics, reading, science and social studies with the largest gain in social studies of 7.5 percentage points.

There was a slight decline in writing of 1.1 percentage point. Farmington and Harrison High Schools saw growth in all subject areas. North Farmington and Farmington High Schools’ performance ranked in the top 10 percent of high schools statewide.

The MME is administered annually in the spring to high school juniors. The MME is comprised of the ACT Plus Writing® college entrance exam; WorkKeys, job skills assessments in reading, mathematics and “locating information;” and Michigan-developed assessments in mathematics, science and social studies.

MME subject scores are determined based upon student responses to test items from each of the individual assessments.

Included in the MME each year is a free college-entrance exam for all juniors called the ACT. Statewide, the average composite ACT score was 19.8. Farmington Public Schools saw growth in the ACT average composite score to 21.2.

There are 831 public high schools and academies identified by the MDE as having ACT scores for the Class of 2015. Data is not available for districts or schools where fewer than 10 students were tested in a given year.


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