Farmington School Officials Aim to Resolve Fairview Encroachment with License

The agreement would allow property owners to continue using the property until they leave the home.

Farmington School Board members on Tuesday reviewed an agreement that would license a small portion of the former Fairview Early Childhood Center property on Oakcrest Drive in Farmington Hills. 

In April, officials tabled a proposed agreement to sell the 9566-square-foot strip to neighboring property owners Hannan and Lisa Lis, whose basketball court encroaches on the district's property. Attorney Kingsley Cotton told officials Tuesday that the license agreement, to which the Lis' have agreed, only gives them permission to use the property until they vacate or sell their home. 

That wasn't enough assurance for board member Murray Kahn, who said the agreement doesn't go far enough to address his concerns about any future owner laying claim to the property. He wanted to see language added so that the Lis' would be required to take down the court as soon as the home is put up for sale. 

Other board members said they were satisfied the agreement addressed their concerns. 

"The fact is, the district is at the most risk night now, without the agreement," board member George Gurrola said, adding he didn't want to "tinker with it". 

District resident Irving Ginsberg, who is tied to a company that made a competing bid on the property, asked whether the school district was paying Cotton to draw up the documents, and said the district is still rewarding the property owner for encroaching. 

Officials will consider approval of the license agreement at their Jan. 15, 2013 meeting. 

Sue Burstein December 13, 2012 at 04:04 PM
When NFWB wanted to continue to use Eagle Elementary fields the district administration talked about maximizing revenues from that use. Yet now, thedistrict is not only GIVING AWAY the use of district property, but they are even paying for the legal costs to draw up the documents. The sale of Eagle is highly suspect, and now FPS is giving away district property to people who should have taken better care to know where their property line ended when they built a basketball court. The impunity with which the FPS board and admin make their decisions, based on who it is they are dealing with, rather than what is best for our district is mind-boggling. Will it never end? The Lis's encroached on FPS property, and are now being rewarded for that behavior. I encourage everyone whose property abuts schools to do what they will on that property, as there are no consequences for actions. You win, the rest of the district loses. The only "right" answer is for the encroachment to be removed. But what is "right:" is not a high priority in FPS.


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