Farmington School Officials Waive Right to Buy Back Eagle Elementary

The Islamic Cultural Association has received a letter of intent to purchase the former Eagle Elementary school in West Bloomfield.

Farmington Public Schools officials on Tuesday waived their right of first refusal for the former Eagle Elementary School in West Bloomfield. Photo credit: Joni Hubred-Golden
Farmington Public Schools officials on Tuesday waived their right of first refusal for the former Eagle Elementary School in West Bloomfield. Photo credit: Joni Hubred-Golden
When Farmington Public Schools officials sold the former Eagle Elementary School at 14 Mile and Middlebelt to the Islamic Cultural Association (ICA) in June of 2011, the agreement included a "first right of refusal" should the ICA put the building back on the market. 

Last week, officials received notice that the ICA had a "letter of intent" from Farmington Hills-based Northern Equities Group for purchase of the property for $1.9 million. On Tuesday, school officials quickly voted to waive their right to buy back the building. 

Board member Murray Kahn said "part of the uproar" over the sale of the property was the $1.1 million sale price of the building, which some said was too low. 

"I think that just validates the concerns the community had at the time," he said. 

Board member Sheilah Clay noted that the property was appraised at $1.1 million, which matched the purchase price. 

Board chair Howard Wallach noted the letter of intent "is not an offer to purchase or a purchase agreement. It may not ever be acted upon." He referred to a recent news article that reported home sale prices soaring 47 percent over the last year and said commercial property prices may have increased as well since the building's sale.

George Markasian August 23, 2013 at 01:51 PM
Because, Mr. Ginsberg, they're already out there for all to see. And, given that you and your group don't seem to have the time to offer any credible, factual information to back the incessant accusations, I don't have the time to spend engaging you and your fantasies. Good day.
Sue Burstein August 23, 2013 at 02:58 PM
Well, now we at least know that Mr Markasian has no idea about the facts. Not surprising. He is just another lobby lady for the district.
Irving Ginsberg August 23, 2013 at 04:22 PM
Mr. Markasian, your response is typical of one who has no facts to back his statements. It's also quite evident that you don't have the time to get educated. Glad this is now out there for all to see.
Carolyn B. August 24, 2013 at 12:57 PM
I wish people who use statistics to support different arguments fully understood the statistics they are quoting. The argument that metro Detroit real estate prices have risen 47% in the last year does not mean what Mr. Wallach apparently thinks it means. That measurement the Freep reported on looks at median sale prices. In other words, the housing price in the exact middle of the data this year is 47% higher than the housing price that was in the exact middle last year. What this really means is that more expensive, higher-priced houses are selling now that the market isn't flooded with cut-rate foreclosures. It doesn't mean that any one property has risen in value by 47% in the last year.
Sharon August 25, 2013 at 12:52 PM
Thanks Carolyn for a good concise explanation of that issue. I wish my house would go back up just the 33% we have lost.


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