Farmington Schools Names Local Winners in National Reflections Competition

The annual contest encourages students to express themselves through art.

After judging entries from students throughout the district, the Farmington Area Parent Teacher Association (PTA) Council and  have announced the local winners in a nationwide annual arts competition.

With the theme, "Diversity Means...", the 2012 PTA Reflections contest provides students the opportunity to explore their artistic talents and receive positive recognition for their efforts. District and state award winners will be honored at a Farmington Public Schools Board of Education meeting on May 29, at .

Last year, Farmington High student Hannah Thomas received a national Award of Excellence in Dance. She was one of six Michigan students who received national recognition. 

This year's district-wide winners are:

Photography – Primary

1st Rani Dhiman - (HCC) - “Healthy Snacks”

2nd Aidan S. Laboda - - "Different - but the same - Trees"

3rd Leah Xiromeritis - Hillside - “My Build-a-Bear Family”


Photography – Intermediate

1st Rocky C. Saenz - - “Just Us”

2nd Jack D. Sweeting - HCC - “Friends”

3rd Jessica L. Berg - - “Natural Beauty”


Photography – Middle

1st Julia G. Bienstock - Warner - “Everybody is Colorful”

2nd Blake A. Maddalena - Warner - “The World is Diverse”

3rd Sophia Jozwiak - - “Infinite Dots”


Photography – Senior

1st Katherine E. Rogers - - “Celebrating One Another”

2nd Alec E. Maddalena -  - “Shades of Diversity”

3rd Laura D. Meyer - FHS - “Sixfold Personalities”


Visual Arts – Primary

1st Brian M. Lee - HCC - “Various Butterflies”

2nd Krisha Ramani - Hillside - “Diversity Means Celebrating Life”

3rd Ella A. McNeece - - “Swimming Together as Friends”


Visual Arts – Intermediate

1st Lauryn S. Garrett - Hillside - “Diversity of Fish”

2nd Amelia H. Whitener - Forest - "Diversitree"

3rd Zachary E. Whitener - Forest - "Biodiversity"


Visual Arts – Middle

1st Christiana R. Hart - - “Diversity is Life”

2nd Jillian Z. Brown - Warner - “Diversity Throughout the World”

3rd Namratha Nataraj - Dunckel - “Diversity is Splash of Color”


Visual Arts – Senior

1st Nicole L. Cischke - FHS - “Within Reach”

2nd Maribell F. Funwie - FHS - “Innocent Sin”

3rd Viraj H. Patil - FHS - “Diversity Leads to Synergy”


Literature - Primary

1st Rani Dhiman - HCC - “The White Paper Story”

2nd Sophie R. Lichtenberg - - “The Three Different Colors Become Best Friends Forever”

3rd Mikhil R. Sheth - Forest - “The World Without Diversity”


Literature - Intermediate

1st Druva R. Krishnaswami - - “Diversity Means Variety”

2nd Olivia G. Chandler - Hillside - “Being Different”

3rd Jakar S. Dhillon - HCC - “Diversity In The World”


Literature - Middle

1st Gitika A. Deshmukh - East - “Diversity is Finding Your Uniqueness”

2nd Claudia M. Kramer - Power - “Tiddlywinks The Gnome”

3rd Holly G. Gaskill - Power - “My Best Friend”


Literature - Senior

1st Bill Greig - FHS - “The Whole Is Nothing Without Its Parts”

2nd Natalie Gaines - FHS - “Diversity”

3rd Rebecca C. Berman - NFHS - "Diversity Is…"


Dance - Primary

1st Madelyn G. Harrigan - - “Diversity”

2nd Drew B. Washburn - Longacre - “Black or White”


Dance - Intermediate

1st Carly S. Cohen - Forest - “Diversity is Dancing”

2nd Swathi R. Thippireddy - Longacre - “Living with Different Cultures”

3rd Hannah B. Schreiber - Forest - "Hugs and Handshakes to the World"


Dance - Middle

1st Anvita Suneja - Warner - “Diversity: A Cultural Fusion of Dance”

2nd Neha S. Challa - Warner - “Indian Diversity Dance”


Music - Primary

1st Brian M. Lee - HCC - “My Theme and Variations”

2nd Nicole K. Nielsen - Longacre - “Diversity Means”


Music - Intermediate

1st Elena L. Dworman - Forest - “Two Worlds”

2nd Carolynn M. Schuring - Warner - "Unlike Any Other"

3rd Susie Lee - HCC - “My Variations”


Music - Middle

1st Annika Andersson - East - “Passion and Peace”

2nd Julia O. Luterman - Warner - “One”

3rd Gabrielle R. Kosiba - Warner - “Open Up”


Music - Senior

1st Connor J. Lindenmuth - FHS - “Fighting For Diversity”

2nd Adam D. Shepard - FHS - “Diverse Melodies”


Film - Primary

1st Brennan J. Hulett - Lanigan - "Different"

2nd Natalya R. Weiss - Forest - “Diversity Rap”

3rd Alysa K. Saperstein - Lanigan - “Alysa's Song”


Film - Intermediate

1st Sydney R. Levy - - “People of the World”

2nd Erik J. Saperstein - Lanigan - “Different Teams”

3rd Joshua R. Schreiber - Forest - "It Doesn't Matter, You Can Become a Donor"


Film - Middle

1st Sophia A. Jozwiak - Dunckel - “Different People, Same Question”

2nd Alec M. Cohen - Dunckel - “It Only Takes One”


Film - Senior

1st Kara A. Mullison - FHS - “Beauty is Personal

Gina Adams-Levy January 13, 2012 at 09:55 PM
Congratulations to all the kids who contributed! Our family is very proud of our daughter Sydney. Here is a link to her film incase you are curious! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5cneGjZNpSE&feature=youtu.be Thank you FPS PTA for everything you do! -The Levy's


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