Farmington Students Have Alternatives to High School Education

Programs include on-line learning and project based education.

Along with three conventional high schools, and the new International Baccalaureate Program, Farmington Public Schools offers unique learning opportunities for high school students:

FCHS serves students, ages 16-19, in an alternative setting, while meeting the Farmington Public Schools’ benchmarks and all common core academic requirements. Classes offered are: English, math, social studies, science, business, and art. In addition, opportunities are offered for new credit or credit recovery through an on-line program.

The school provides a smaller learning environment where students can learn who had trouble learning in a traditional high school setting. The goal is for students to grow both academically and socially and to leave school with a clear idea of their next step in life and a plan on how they are going to get there.

For more information about this program, parents should contact their child’s school counselor or Pat Karas, Principal, at pat.karas@farmington.k12.mi.us or by calling 248-489-3333.

Oakland Opportunities Academy (OAA)
OAA is an alternative high school program available to 11th and 12th grade students, which provides an opportunity for high school students to obtain a high school diploma by taking classes in the late afternoon and evening. OAA provides students a structured learning environment in which they receive instruction, on-line and through teachers and tutors, in the areas of English, math, science and social studies. In addition, students participate in a career preparation program in one of the following areas:

  • Biotechnology & Environmental Science (Natural Resources and Animal & Plant Systems)
  • Culinary Arts & Hospitality (Food & Beverage Preparation and Travel & Tourism
  • Transportation Technology (Automotive Technology and Auto Collision Repair & Refinishing)

This program is offered at the Oakland Technical Center Southwest Campus located in Wixom. Transportation, to and from this program, is not provided by the District.

For more information, parents should contact their child’s school counselor or Mark Wilson of the Instructional Services Department at mark.wilson@farmington.k12.mi.us or by calling 248-489-3595.

Widening Advancements for Youth Program (W-A-Y)
W-A-Y is an on-line alternative high school program that offers a personalized learning experience for students who struggle with traditional high school. W-A-Y encourages self-esteem, independence, and the development of 21st century skills that will facilitate a college education and subsequent career paths. This option is available to students in grades 9-12.

Students in the W-A-Y Program become researchers on track to receive a high school diploma. Each researcher is provided with a customized, standards-based learning plan and is paired with a mentor to coach them toward graduation.

Each student is equipped with an iMac workstation and Internet connectivity within his or her home. Teachers then assess and align all projects according to State content standards, ensuring that each student completes the program with a high school diploma.

W-A-Y combines personalized, project-based, on-line learning experiences with face-to-face interaction. Students earn credits through the completion of projects rather than traditional courses. In addition, projects are often developed based on student interests, concerns, curiosities and passions. While being student-centered, clear standards are maintained to ensure the projects are rigorous and meet all State standards and the Michigan Merit Curriculum.

Farmington Public Schools’ students participating in the W-A-Y program would be required to attend two face-to-face sessions each week with an instructional leader. These meetings will, most likely, take place at the Oakland Technical Southwest Campus in Wixom. Transportation, to and from this program, is not provided by the District.

Oakland Schools will be holding information sessions at the Northwest and Southwest Technical Campuses in late August and early September so parents and students can learn more about the program.

For more information about this program, please visit wayprogram.net. Parents who are interested in enrolling their child should contact Mark Wilson of the Instructional Services Department at mark.wilson@farmington.k12.mi.us or by calling 248-489-3595.


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