Farmington, Unplugged! (Or Things Kids Can Do That Don't Involve a TV or Computer)

Ride a bike. Fly a kite. Take a hike. Volunteer. What would you do if you were unplugged?

Screen-Free Week will be observed May 5-14.
Screen-Free Week will be observed May 5-14.  Download PDF 
Are you ready for a challenge?

Did you know that the average child spends more than seven hours a day on
a screen?

What would you do with your time if you unplugged every day for an hour? Or once a week for an afternoon? The possibilities are endless!

The Farmington PTA Council, the Farmington Community Library and the Farmington Commission for Children, Youth and Families are sponsoring National Screen Free Week May 5-14 from the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood.

Individuals and families are encouraged to turn off the screens and spend quality time together.

Activities and incentives begin April 21st. Going screen free for a half day, a full day and the entire week have many rewards for children and adults.

Here's the pledge: I pledge that I will watch no TV or DVDs, play no video games, and only use the computer/tablet/digital device if it s required for
homework/work or other essential communications. (e-readers are OK). Challenge, accepted.


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