Friends of the Rouge Honor Steppingstone School

Students participate in the nonprofit's sample collection program.

has been honored for more than 10 years of service to the Friends of the Rouge River.

The school participates in the Friends of the Rouge Water Testing program for the Rouge River. Many area schools in the river’s watershed have volunteered to take and analyze water samples for the program.

The school has been collecting samples twice a year for over 14 years; however, since the awards were distributed in 10-year increments, Steppingstone received the 10-Year Award.

Steppingstone School for Gifted Education is an elementary and middle day school for students young kindergarten through Grade 8, with a full academic and enrichment curriculum dedicated to addressing the unique and individual needs facing many gifted children.

Steppingstone was founded in 1981 by the current head of school, Kiyo A. Morse. After more than 25 years of development, the curriculum provides integrated in-depth studies and enrichment, as well as problem solving and critical thinking skills. Supplementing the basic curriculum, the school also offers fine arts, foreign languages, discovery science, computer programming, and a unique physical fitness program that includes fencing and instructional swimming.


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