Oakland Area Schools Superintendents Team Up on WDET Broadcast

Farmington Supt. Susan Zurvalec is among the featured guests on The Craig Fahle Show Tuesday, speaking out against controversial education bills.

Three local school district superintendents spoke together Tuesday on WDET-FM's Craig Fahle Show against legislation currently in the Michigan House and Senate concerning public education.

Farmington Public Schools Supt. Sue Zurvalec, West Bloomfield's Gerald Hill, Bloomfield Hills' Rob Glass joined Oakland Schools Superintendent Dr. Vickie Markavitch to protest House Bill 6004, Senate Bill 1358 and House Bill 5923, which could still pass through the "lame duck" session of the state legislature.

Opponents say the bills would create a state-wide Educational Achievement Authority (EAA) or "super district" with little accountability, overseen only by the governor's office. The bills would also expand charter and cyberschools and allow per pupil funding to follow each student, funneling more money away from public schools. 

Local school districts may not unite on such a message very often, but area superintendents in the Tri-County Alliance for Public Education have launched a swift campaign against the legislation, which they say is wrong for Michigan.

Listen to a replay on wdet.org or download the podcast from the iTunes store.

On Monday, Fahle spoke with Bill Rustem, Gov. Rick Snyder’s Director of Strategy, who discussed why the bills are needed to help students in failing schools across the state. 

Listen to a replay on wdet.org or download the podcast from the iTunes store.

A tour of meetings throughout the state to inspire "a million voices" to speak out against the bills continues in Ferndale on Thursday, in the Harding Administrative Center, 2920 Burdette, from 7-9 p.m.

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a worker December 05, 2012 at 02:14 PM
I say go ahead and make any changes you want. Maybe that way the overpaid administrators can see what it feels like to be tossed on the trash pile. The support personel felt thst way when you decided to outsource them... now maybe it's our time to outsource YOU. Hang out tight..... Your "gravy train" ride is about to come to a screetching halt!!!! I love it!!!
a worker December 05, 2012 at 02:25 PM
Oh... I just couldn't resist just one more "dig". Hey superintendents.... don't worry. It's not like you won't have a job if this passes.... You can always get a job at one of the new companies that WILL be running your schools. Isn't that what you told your support personel when you outsourced them? Well now I know why we were called "support personel".... because we WILL support any decission to get rid of all of you....lol. (me) I'd doing well!!!
Tanya December 05, 2012 at 04:12 PM
I agree with you "a worker"! FYI- ask to see the cell phone bills and their charge cards that we taxpayers pay! Sue- there is no reason to get room service in a high class hotel!


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