Troy Schools Increase Security in Wake of Newtown Tragedy

An email sent recently to parents details the changes.

The Troy School District, with help from the Troy Police Department, is implementing security changes today in the wake of the Newtown, CT school shooting, which left 20 young children and six adults dead Friday morning.

"Troy Police will be patrolling all of our schools today," Troy School District spokeswoman Kerry Birmingham said Monday, "and we have undertaken additional safety measures."

An email sent to parents Sunday details the security changes:

Dear Troy School District Parents and Staff,

The tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut weighed heavily on all of us over the weekend and our thoughts and prayers remain with the families of the victims. As we prepare for school tomorrow, I believe it may be helpful to you to know some of the measures in place to ensure the safety of every student and staff member. We will be meeting this week with both our internal security teams as well as the Troy Police Department to review our safety and security procedures at every building.

In the meantime, I want to reassure you that we are committed to maintaining the safest of learning environments across the District. I feel it is important to share with you our existing security measures:

  • Our school security measures are based on nationally recognized best practices. Though we continually strive for improvement in all areas, we are confident that our schools are safe.
  • We continue to work with local law enforcement to provide expertise and extra enforcement. Our security staff is made up of retired Troy Police officers with decades of training and experience.
  • Troy Police will be providing extra patrols at all of our buildings this week, and will meet with us to recommend any changes going forward.
  • Every door in every school building aside from the main entrances will be locked. Main entrances will be carefully monitored.
  • All outside visitors are required to check in at the office.
  • Every school regularly conducts security drills to deal with a variety of situations. Staff members have been trained in safety procedures. Reviews of these drills are used to revised and refine our security practices.

It’s important that we maintain a sense of routine and stability to help our students feel safe. For the most part, the regular school day and school activities will continue as planned.

If you feel your child may need additional support, please contact his or her teacher or principal.

Many of you have written with suggestions for additional security measures. We appreciate your ideas and want you to know that we will be discussing each of them during our internal and external security reviews. We understand that you may have concerns, and we join with you in continuing to make the safety of our students and staff our top priority. We appreciate your support and commitment as we work together for the safety and well being of all.

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Frustrated Old Man December 17, 2012 at 08:59 PM
Why is it, schools always talk about increasing security after a tragedy? No one remembers Columbine? It happened about 12 years ago. Didn't every school increase security after that? Apparently not! Stop worrying about being politically correct and do what needs to be done to prepare for the next one! Gun Facts - Your Guide to Debunking Gun Control Myths http://www.gunfacts.info/
Wiley Coyote December 17, 2012 at 10:18 PM
Ah, Frustrated Old Man, what would that be? Months of combat training for teachers and administrators to learn how to use weapons that they'd need to keep inside classrooms? To learn how to react coolly while under semi-automatic rifle fire and shoot back accurately--you know, SEAL stuff, where they have to actually have to learn how to control their pulse rate via endless combat exercise repetition, so they can deal with a fire fight in a crowded classroom or school hallway--the kind of training that takes years to master? You going to pay for it? I work with the military all the time. Most servicepeople never see combat. Most don't train for it ever again after basic. They have other jobs to perform--just like teachers. Yet inevitably, voices erupt after tragedies like this, usually little Rambos and Rambettes who think, hey, I can nail a stationary target with my favorite pistol or rifle, so, man, if I was there, that bad guy would've been taken down--and if the teachers just had M4s, this wouldn't have happened. It's a fantasy spun by people who can't live without their guns. We have 300 million guns in this country against a population of what, 350 million people? If guns make us safer, why are we living in the deadliest country on earth? Or maybe we could place armed police officers in every school. Oh, rats, we didn't pass that millage, so we had to let half our cops go... On and on.
John David December 17, 2012 at 10:52 PM
No one has forgotten Columbine. It is completely unfeasible to arm teachers or school employees, hire armed guards or have the military or national guard stationed to protect every school everywhere in the US. The liability for civilians, police or military would unbelievable. It is a fantasy, and would probably be a nightmare.
Frustrated Old Man December 17, 2012 at 11:06 PM
So your solution is to do nothing, and wait for the next time?
Troy High Graduate December 21, 2012 at 01:41 AM
It hey haven't changed anything, they've been doing that's for at least two years now. I know this because I'm a graduate of Troy High. I think they should try increasing the security, because I'm sure 5 hall monitors isn't enough.


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