Video: 65-Year-Old Hockey Player Shares Story

Diane Pieknik, a resident of Fox Run retirement community in Novi, shows you're never too old to try something new.

Back in February, , a 65-year-old woman who decided to turn her lifelong love for hockey into her newest hobby by joining an adult women's hockey league.

Now Pieknik tells her own story in a video by Erickson Living.

Pieknik said part of her was hesitant to try playing the sport at first, but the other part of her was sure she wanted to give it a shot.

"I want try it, just to say I can do it," she said.

Pieknik is from Farmington Hills but now lives at in Novi.

Pieknik, who is also big fan of the Detroit Red Wings, said her team was very excited for her when she scored her first goal.

Now she sends her game summaries to her children and is proud to show others that you're never too old to follow your dreams.

"Life doesn't end after 50. It makes me feel good inside that I can show others that you don't have to stop," she said.


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