Help Us Write a Visitor's Guide to Farmington and Farmington Hills

We love day trips, and we think the Farmington area would be a great daytrip destination. Help us write a guide to share with other Patch sites in Michigan.

Quick: a long-lost friend is coming to the Farmington area and has asked you for some things-to-do and places-to-eat-and-shop suggestions. 

What do you tell him?

We're writing a daytrip guide to Farmington and Farmington Hills for a summer series called Patch Passport. The other Patch sites in Michigan — from New Baltimore to Saline and two dozen in between — are doing the same. 

Starting next weekend, we'll offer up a weekly daytrip guide to another southeast Michigan town for you to visit. Bet you didn't know, for instance, about all of the unique, locally owned shops in St. Clair Shores? (The , for instance, is a locally owned toy store with an elevated train track that runs, nonstop, the inside perimeter of the store.)

There are more gems to be discovered, too.

But to start, we need to write our own daytrip guide to share with the other Patch sites.

So, it's time to share your must-list in Farmington and Farmington Hills: Where would you take a visitor to our towns?

Brian Golden June 23, 2012 at 04:42 PM
Take the Magical History Tour of Farmington, Farmington Hills. It's a published driving tour of 20 historic places in our community. It's very cool, because the tour leads you to the very spot our founder, Arthur Power, built the first log cabin. It also explores Native American lore at the Minnow Pond. Other points of interest include, the Philbrick Tavern, Sleepy Hollow (the first mill site), the Governor Warner Mansion, the Spicer House, downtown Farmington, the Winery, Botsford Inn and many more. The guide book is available at the Farmington Community Library or you can purchase the book either through the Heritage & History Center in Heritage Park or at the Governor Warner Mansion. Contact Brian Golden for more details 248-701-8112
Eric Vogel June 23, 2012 at 10:51 PM
The summer and the winter farmers market. Founders Festival, Farmington Civic. Basement bottom burgers, Mentobe, Herritage Park, Shiawasi (SP) Park. The Monday night car night.


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