Charles Paul
Well, I moved to Farmington Township, yes, the predecessor to Farmington Hills, way back in 1972. After 22 years of raising three children, all of whom excelled in the Farmington school system, then college, plus a handful of masters degrees, my wife Suzanne decided it was time to check out of that 4 bedroom, acre-and-a-half homestead and move into one of those really cool old houses in Farmington's Historic District. We've been a part of that marvelously unique community since 1994.
Over the course of those years Suzanne and I have ridden our motorcycle all over the world, in addition to a fair chunk of the U.S. and Canada. We've also flown, driven and managed to "touch" 49 states (not Hawaii yet), every province of Canada, Great Britain, the south island of New Zealand, and a lot of western Europe. I'm a past-president of The Birmingham Temple and spent 27 years as editor of their monthly magazine, The Jewish Humanist. I've also spent over two decades being the "Minister's Husband" to Reverend Suzanne who serves Unitarian Universalist churches throughout the area.  Most early mornings you're likely to find me working out at the gym in downtown Farmington, or, weather permitting, running through our hilly neighborhoods.
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