Melissa Brodsky
Melissa Brodsky is the mother to the modern day "yours, mine and ours".  With five kids, five cats, two dogs and a husband all taking over the house, she finds solace in locking herself in the bathroom with her laptop, where she can think and write in some sort of peace, as long as she ignores the pounding on the doors and piteous moans of "Mommy". 
When she isn't writing, you can find her slaving over a hot oven or folding copious amounts of laundry.  Melissa is the founder of the popular local Mommy blog, "Rock and Drool" where she finds humor in the day-to-day life and insanity of being a Mom, wife and woman.  Rock and Drool has been featured in the Detroit Free Press, WDIV news and on The Dr. Phil Show.
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