Cigar Tax Limit Passes State House and Senate

Cigar Tax Bill is bad for Michigan and bad for our kids and should be vetoed

The Michigan Legislature passed and sent to the Governor a bill capping the tax on cigars at fifty cents.

Cigar smoking is just as deadly and addictive as cigarette smoking, yet cigar sales
have been rising fast – especially among kids.  A big reason is that Michigan taxes cigars at a much lower rate than it taxes cigarettes.

This is a big public health problem because it keeps cigar prices lower, thereby increasing the number of kids who try cigars and become addicted and reducing the number of adult smokers who quit. In addition, when faced with cigarette tax and price increases, cigarette smokers who might otherwise quit or cutback are often turning to under-taxed, less-expensive cigars, instead.

There is no justification for giving cigars any special tax treatment.

The bill is bad for Michigan and bad for our kids. At this point the only thing preventing the bill from becoming law is the signature of the governor. Governor Snyder has always supported measures that would support a healthier Michigan and this bill does just the opposite. 

Please tell Governor Snyder to VETO this bill.

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Barry Dingles October 02, 2012 at 04:17 PM
Yup, Its just not fair to not have an unlimited taxation and seizure policy lorded over the people who actually are the real Government(for the people by the people ect?). Its utter insanity to think our overlords cant have unlimited authority. We must grant greater authoritarian powers over our "free" commerce system for the children. Everything must be done for the children including limiting their liberties once they get old enough to be classified as adults because we all know even adults must be treated like children by those who are much better able to decide what we as adults should be allowed to do with our own money and bodies. (read as sarcasm) One onerous and excessive tax does not make it right to apply even greater onerous and excessive taxes on other products.
Dick Jaeger October 03, 2012 at 03:19 PM
Thank you for your comments. I certainly respect your view though of course I do not agree with your conclusions. As a fifteen year cancer survivor I have very personal feelings about anything that increases the chance of cancer. Scientific data certainly agrees with me that cigar smoking and cigarette smoking do in fact cause cancer. The right of a state government to legislate in areas that concern the health or welfare of its citizens is well established in all fifty states and even some of the most conservative members of the state legislature have acknowledged that in their support of the Michigan Smoke Free Bill and Healthy Michigan funding each year. The question comes down to why the double standard when scientific evidence and statistical reports all come to the conclusion that cigars and cigarettes are equally bad for individuals, which makes them fall within the established rule of law on health and welfare.
Steven F December 11, 2012 at 06:38 AM
I personally cannot deny the fact that there is a correlation with cigar smoking and cancer I do in fact have family that did not survive the battle with cancer. However I don’t believe that gives the government or anyone for that matter, permission to tax business owners and there clients to the point of "quitting" simply because they cannot afford a simple luxury. As far as our children go whens the last time you seen a teenager paying ten dollars for something to smoke that only denotes the feeling of being ill as that is what they would think as long as there parents founded that mode of thought into them. As a Michigan citizen and Cigar enthusiast I am happy to see a stance being taken on completely unchecked taxation. Steve F.


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